Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In Design scripts

I've been hoarding InDesign scripts for year... don't know why, I love the way they streamline tedious tasks. I unfortunately do not know how to script. But thanks for the Internet! Below are a few scripts that I've been using a lot:

Rename_tomaxxiLINKrename [1.0].jsx
Simply rename linked files. Great for quickly renaming links without the whole fetching, renaming, and relinking
This tool allows you to create perfectly sized hard covers or dust jackets which you can easily re-adjust the dimensions, the spine, the back and/or front flaps whenever you want.
Collect used Fonts Info from multiple files. 
The script lists up to 15 properties of a font — either in style ranges, paragraphs, stories or the current insertion point in the active document. These properties are included in a new text frame on a separate layer. The respective initial position is marked with an arrowhead. 

And for fun! WordalizerTry.js
Wordalizer is a script that makes a “word cloud” of the most common words in a story or document and lays them out in a clever and colorful way.

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